It pays to participate


I'm guessing that most of you did not participate in our March survey on Best Practices for home medical equipment providers. I say that because we solicited feedback from about 10,000 HMEs and only 200 replied. Those 200 will shortly receive the results of the survey, which asked providers what they've done recently to reduce service calls, cut costs, streamline operations, generate new revenue, boost employee performance and market more effectively. Providers who attended last week's HME News Business Summit will also receive the results. For providers looking to improve their companies, the survey results are gold.

Here are a few examples:

What have you done over the past year to generate revenue in new, innovative and/or unexpected ways?
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1. Add on sales are big, according to the survey. Said one provider: Created a catalog that focuses on add-on sales. Said another: Add-on sales booklet to show customers on deliveries.

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2. Delivery personnel are trained to work as direct sales staff. They're in the patient's home and can offer products that would improve/help meet the patient's medical condition.
3. Started a customer loyalty program.
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4. Offer complete, no obligation, home safety audits for our clients
5. Employee competitions for increased cash sales. Said another provider: Expanded incentives to marketers for NEW revenue generated.

What have you done over the past year to reduce operating costs without reducing service?
1. New billing, tracking and inventory control software.

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2. Standardize product line

3. Have patients bring equipment in for repairs

The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past dvdrip 4. Bigger trucks with more equipment to reduce trips back to the office. More in-services for techs and drivers.

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5. Look at every invoice and keep renegotiating prices: Negotiate lower phone rates; office supplies.

That's just for starters. There are hundreds more suggestions.

I guess the moral of the story is that it really does pay to participate.

— Mike Moran

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