Is it too late?


"Is it too late?" asked the voice on the phone.

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"Too late for what?" I answered, genuinely curious.

"Is it too late to get into the HME industry?" came the reply.

Monster film Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II move The caller was concerned about accreditation and a host of other challenges, but I assured him it's never too late for a smart entry into the market. A few days later, at last week's HME Expo, I met another man who was considering becoming an HME provider. He was there gathering information on products, speaking with state association leaders and learning all he could about the world of HME, kind of an individual "due diligence" before he makes the final leap.

There are plenty of folks out there who still see HME as a growth opportunity, says M&A analyst Jonathan Sadock. Last week he helped close a deal for an individual who is entering the market after a career in another part of the health field.

download Brain Damage movie The Longest Yard "It's an exciting time for our industry," said Sadock. "There are some people that are afraid of the market and the risks involved, but there's another group that's buying in. That's good news for everyone."

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