It wasn't easy, but I've finally found a Tiger Woods/HME connection


I just cannot believe all this stuff coming out about Tiger Woods. The count is now up to 10 mistresses, with two of them being porn stars!

I can't believe it.

For years I've watched Tiger on TV and marveled over his golfing genius. I'll continue to watch him (he is, after all, the best golfer that's ever lived), but I'll never look at him the same way again. I'm not casting judgment here. It's just that what Tiger has done off the course is really a bit beyond what I'm capable of imagining.

Ten mistresses, two of them porn stars.

Sex-enhancing drugs.

Is this a joke or something? This is not the Tiger Woods I thought I knew, not at all.

Really, the level of my disbelief is so great that I'd be less surprised if someone with two heads stopped by my house and tried to sell me a box of girl scout cookies. (If that ever happens, I will buy multiple boxes.)

Anyways, through all of this, I've been on the look out for a Tiger Woods/HME connection, and guess what? I've found one.

Popular industry speaker Vince Crew was recently on the nationally syndicated Jim Bohannon Show discussing what Tiger should do now. Appropriately, Vince is the author of "Everyday Ethics, Everlasting Consequences."

To hear Vince's take on Tiger, go  here and click on Vince Crew In Person and go to audio interviews.

While you're doing that, I'll be monitoring Google for word of mistress number 11.

— Mike Moran