It's Older Americans Month. Shame on you for being so quiet about it!


Did anyone else in the HME industry know this month is Older Americans Month? If you did, shame on you for being so quiet about it!

I'm a little embarrassed to say that it took me coming across a press release from Scooterlink, a distributor of scooters, power wheelchairs and lift chairs, to learn that this month is Older Americans Month. In celebration, Scooterlink explains that it will offer 25% off any item that is purchased in addition to any electric scooter or power wheelchair. It advertises: "Electric Scooters pricing starts at $789 and Power Wheelchairs start at $1199."

Of all the HME players to get the word out about Older Americans Month, the best we have is Scooterlink?

This is an opportunity the HME industry doesn't want to go to waste—not necessarily to sell scooters, wheelchairs and other equipment at a discount, but to raise awareness of the role it plays in helping older Americans live full and independent lives. I mean, this year's theme is "Age Strong, Live Long." It doesn't get much more appropriate that that!

Here's a link to President Barack Obama proclaiming May as Older Americans Month. If I were you, I would find a way to use the following points in the proclamation to my advantage (emphasis added):

  • This year's theme for Older Americans Month, "Age Strong, Live Long," recognizes the efforts of people of all ages to promote the well-being, community involvement, and independence of senior citizens.
  • By strengthening Medicare and Medicaid, while protecting Social Security, we help ensure all Americans can age with dignity.
  • The Administration on Aging's network of State and local organizations provides services to older Americans that help prevent unnecessary hospitalization or institutionalization.

That last one's the kicker. I don't know much about the Administration on Aging's efforts to keep older Americans out of hospitals and nursing homes, but I do know a lot about the HME industry's efforts.

There are seven business days left in May. As HME News Executive Director Mike Moran likes to tell me and Managing Editor Theresa Flaherty: Get to work!

Liz Beaulieu



It is a tad embarrassing to think that most HME providers did not know that May is Older Americans month. On the other hand, I didn't read, hear or see anything about this in the media. Sounds like whoever is behind this thing did a lousy job of getting the news out. That just proves that HME is not the only group challenged when it comes to Pr.Of course, thanks to you, Liz, HMEs have time to work Older Americans month into their marketing efforts.

I did! I knew about Older Americans Month, and I requested information which was never received. May 26th is National Senior Health & Fitness Day. And, June is Home Safety Month. Perhaps I'll receive my requested information from them......?