This just in on the first-month purchase option


As we reported in our HME NewsWire on Monday, the "clawback" alternative for standard power wheelchairs crafted by the industry and proposed by Sen. Arlen Specter, D-Pa., has been killed by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

But not all hope is lost, according to AAHomecare, which just sent out this bulletin to members:

In an effort to preserve the first-month purchase option, an alternative was discussed on the last joint CRMC-State Leaders’ call which would propose an across-the-board rate cut or CPI freeze for standard power Group 1 and Group 2 chairs.  Senate allies have informed AAHomecare that this cut cannot be phased-in over a 10-year period but would require a 3- to 5-year phase-in period instead.  The CRMC council and AAHomecare guest members on the call agreed to request that the cut apply to Group 1 and 2 base chairs only and not to options and accessories.  The group agreed that if more than 3.5% cuts are required to reach budget-neutrality, then the CRMC will reconvene to discuss.

Liz Beaulieu