Lady in waiting


When I left my house at 4:30 this morning it was rainy and about 35 degrees. I breezed through check in and security--I was literally the only one in the line. And when I use the overused "literally" you know I mean it.

I arrived at the Capitol Hilton about 8 am for my 5th (think that's some kind of HME News record) AAHomecare Legislative Conference. It is hot and humid (or muggy, as we Mainers say) but I am in sort of cool comfort in the lobby. Unfortunately, I am still in the lobby. There's no room at the inn yet, so to speak. I even made friends with the desk clerk (we both spell Theresa with an H, unfortunately, that's not enough to move me up the wait list for a room).

I have managed to register upstairs for the conference and say hello to a few familiar faces. I've also eaten breakfast. Twice. (Hey, I've been up for ages).

Festivities kick off at noon and Rep. Thompson will give the keynote. 

Keep your fingers crossed I get a room before then so I can freshen up properly. Until then, I am keeping a low profile.

More later.

Theresa Flaherty