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Even up here in New England, which so far has escaped competitive bidding, the dreaded program remains a hot topic.

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New England  has  lower  utilization rates and very little  fraud and abuse, Cara Bachenheimer told attendees at the the NEMED conference this morning. In other words, providers aren't on the CMS radar, which is a good thing.

Land of Plenty buy Taking a stance against fraud is music to Congressional ears.

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"When you have conversations with your lawmakers, start off with fraud and abuse," said Bachenheimer. "You'll get a much better reception on the Hill."

Lawmakers will be back in their home districts next week and we know you've heard it all before: Call 'em up, drop 'em a line, attend a fundraiser and use your 2 minutes to talk up the industry's good apples, the services you provide, the money you save the health care system. Even better, have a living, breathing, voting beneficiary join you. If a picture is worth a thousand words, think of the impression a beneficiary can make.

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