Let me see that twitter roll


Managing Editor Theresa Flaherty and I were talking today about how yesterday’s announcement of the PMD demo start date was kind of anti-climactic.

I mean, it was news in that we didn’t know when the demo would start before yesterday, but that was really the only news. There were no other new details.

As such, we thought it was news made for twitter, meaning it was news you could totally share in 140 characters or less. “CMS announces start date for PMD demo: Sept. 1.” That’s 48 characters in all; 57 if you add the #hmenews hashtag; a little more still if you added a link to CMS’s notice in the Federal Register.

I ended up posting the news on twitter late yesterday (or actually I re-tweeted AAHomecare’s tweet of the news) and Associate Editor Elizabeth Deprey wrote a short story for our web site this morning.

What Theresa and I were thinking was that it would have been nice if most HME providers were on twitter so we could have just tweeted the news.
The problem: So few providers are on twitter.

If you’re not on twitter or if you don’t follow @hmeliz, @hmetheresa or @hme_elizabeth on twitter, here’s what you missed out yesterday from @hmeliz alone:

@aahomecare #CMS just announced that the power mobility device demo will start September 1. http://j.mp/NbqFkU

@hmetheresa has new HME News catchphrase. When one of our blogs gets stale, it's "Time to blog up." #hmenews

A blog with many paragraphs (and a preview of the September issue). #hmenews http://www.hmenews.com/blog/blog-many-paragraphs-and-preview-september-i...

HME NewsPoll asks: Do you expect to provide fewer supplies under new rules for re-supply items? #hmenews http://www.hmenews.com/survey/hme-september-2012-newspoll

ATG Rehab buys complex rehab biz of Sayreville, N.J.-based Allcare Medical. #hmenews

ResMed acquires Umbian and U-Sleep. Here's story I wrote about U-Sleep not too long ago. #hmenews http://www.hmenews.com/article/u-sleep-simplifies-compliance

@RESNAorg SMS certification discount ends today. You can still do it! A teeny weeny application can't hold you back! http://ow.ly/cycan

This week on HME News TV: Sandy Canally on connecting dots between bid program, products and accreditation. #hmenews http://www.hmenews.com/videos/sandy-canally-compliance-team

ResMed 4th quarter earnings sneak peek. #hmenews http://wallstcheatsheet.com/stocks/resmed-fourth-quarter-earnings-sneak-...

Regulatory overhaul implies 30% downside for ResMed stock. #hmenews http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/07/30/idUS116349+30-Jul-2012+HUG2012...

Check out HME News Business Summit Group on LinkedIn for "best biz advice" from speakers Jonathan Sadock and Rick Glass. #hmenews #hmesummit

Thanks for participating in Benchmarking Survey. Results will be unveiled, analyzed at Summit. #hmenews #hmesummit http://www.hmesummit.com

I think there’s some useful news there—news that may or may not find a place on our website, in our NewsWire or in the next print issue.

Anyway, I’m not going to beg you to get on twitter (you’re reading the words of a person who’s not on Facebook), but I’m just saying…you’re missing out.

As for the headline of this blog: Am I the only one who’s danced to “Tootsee Roll” at a wedding or two or 15? Theresa is feigning ignorance, and Elizabeth just won't stop giggling.

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