Living the dream


“Hi, this is Theresa calling from HME News. How are you?”

“Oh, Theresa, I am living the dream,” was the reply.

It’s a refrain I am hearing more often these days from weary providers. I sympathize with them and, on more than a few occasions I’ve been told they feel like they are talking to a therapist as I gently probe for what’s troubling them.

Let me tell you, I feel like a therapist some days.

But despite it all, there are always providers trying new ideas, thinking outside of the box. Those stories always brighten my day.

At the start of this week, I was feeling decidedly pessimistic because, with a Friday deadline looming, I was having trouble tracking down people to talk to, as well as drum up fresh content for the May issue. And did I mention we woke to snow, sleet and freezing rain that day?

“Theresa, you have to be creative, think outside the box,” editor Liz told me.

We are wrapping up writing tomorrow and, looking through the stories that have already been filed, I think we have a nice variety of stories, from a group of CRT companies that have formed a strategic alliance, to an unusual partnership between a pharmacy and an HMEs. I’ll sleep better tonight thinking of the joy providers will experience upon getting their issue.

It doesn’t hurt that the sun has been shining for 3 whole days.