Majority say only 0% to 5% of concentrators they provide are portable


So, I blogged last week about stationary/portable oxygen concentrator use and a recent report by the GAO that claims the former is up and the latter is down. A few days later, we sent out our NewsPoll for the July issue on that same topic.

Well, the preliminary results are in, and they're pretty interesting, I think.

More than 100 respondents have taken the poll so far, and 86% of them say they provide more stationary concentrators than portable concentrators. 69% say only 0% to 5% of the concentrators they provide are portable concentrators.


Yet 56% of respondents say the number of portable concentrators they provide has increased in the past year.

Based on the comments to the poll, and there are quite a few, the biggest reason respondents provide portable concentrators: They make it easier for patients to travel. The biggest reason they don't: They cost too much and they have parts and repair issues.

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Liz Beaulieu