Managing Editor: Unplugged


It's an exciting day here in my cube at HME News world HQ. First, you may remember my disappointment last year when a diabetes tracking app, GlucoseBuddy, downloaded onto my new phone proved unworkable for me.

Well, last night, for whatever reason, I logged onto it. I don't know if it's had an upgrade that enabled it to work more smoothly with my phone or if I finally pressed the right buttons, but all of a sudden I am able to enter all kinds of data. And, since my numbers yesterday were so good, I did it retroactively. (I also do this when I have a to-do list: If I do something that's not on the list, I add it and cross it off). I also figured out how to export reports to my email. When I got to work this morning (I have yet to replace my personal laptop), there was a neatly organized excel spreadsheet waiting for me.

I am also excited because we've basically wrapped up writing for our September issue. From the news (bills! competitive bidding!) to our annual special report and Medtrade coverage, it's gonna be a good one. We can't even fit it all in!

Finally, and this is something American workers everywhere can all get excited about, when I leave here today, I will officially be on vacation. I don't want to think about home medical equipment until I am back in the office. The only exception: If I see a Cape Medical Supply van, I am snapping a photo. Although the contest is over, maybe they'll give me a Dunkin gift card anyway. Unlike many folks, I am very good at unplugging (most days). 

Au revoir!

Theresa Flaherty