Medicare may rob you blind but no need to let the Oxy addicts do it too


This one's from the kind of interesting file. The National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) and RxPatrol, which tracks pharmacy crimes, recently released a 10-minute training video for pharmacy staff.

Pharmacies, it appears, are subject to special pharmacy crimes. I have talked to one or two pharmacists in the past who have been robbed. Drugs exude an enticing pull after all. I suppose the "mom and pop" nature of many community pharmacies makes them seem like easy targets.

The 10-minute video outlines various scams as well as ways for pharmacies to protect themselves. To view the video or learn more about RxPatrol and its services visit

Pharmacists don't have a choice about Medicare taking their money, but they can sure as heck try to avoid letting others taking what doesn't belong to them.

Theresa Flaherty