Medtrade or bust


I feel like I should apologize to many of you in advance for being missing-in-action from the HME News booth (2928) at Medtrade next week.

You see, the HME News team will be putting together the Show Dailies, which means we’ll be running around chasing stories (by we, I mean me, Managing Editor Theresa Flaherty, Associate Editor Elizabeth Deprey and Web Editor Leif Kothe), taking photos (that’ll be Production/Creative Director Glen Halliday) and polling attendees for the question of the day (that’ll most likely be Elizabeth and Glen).

When we’re not doing that, we’ll be chained to a desk in the Show Daily office, writing, laying out and proofing Show Dailies 2 and 3.

So be sure to wave hello when you see us zipping from a session like AAHomecare’s Washington Update (Wednesday, Oct. 17, from 1:30 to 3 p.m.) to an event like the welcome reception hosted by MK Battery for the consumer advocacy organizations (Tuesday, Oct. 16, Room 315, from 8 to 9:30) to the show floor (We hear Sky Med, booth 2625, will be giving out Halloween treats).

In any event, the HME News booth will be in the capable hands of Heather My-First-Name-Isn’t-Kelly Kelly, not to mention our publisher Rick Rector and our sales reps Jo-Ellen Reed and Steven Loerch.

We’ll also be taping HME News TV interviews, which will be in the capable hands of Jennifer Keirn, our contributing editor, and Shaun Clearie, our videographer. The TV studio will be at the top of the last set of escalators that you take to get down to the show floor. This year, we’re interviewing some new faces (Stephen Hodges from HME Solution) and some dynamic duos (not just Andrea Stark, but Andrea Stark and Derrick Stark).

Your best bet at finding me, Theresa, Elizabeth or Leif at the booth is on Thursday morning, when Show Daily 3 will be hot off the presses and that part of our Medtrade duties will be O-V-A.

See you next week (I hope)!