Meter made


So, I finally switched over to a FreeStyle meter after using the Lifescan products since, well, diagnosis. 

To start, I couldn't find the darn thing (I had packaging, instruction booklets, a testing log, lancets and even the dreaded lancing device). But, no meter so I went off to the (local) pharmacy to get another one for $19.49.

I am happy to report that, working on instinct (I loathe reading technical instructions), I was able to use the meter, although I did put the test strip in backward on the first try. I do have a complaint: the meter has an annoying high-pitched beep the likes of which I haven't heard since the early 2000s. It is especially annoying at 4 am.

I will also pay a compliment: the strip, once I turned it around, was much easier to use, a bonus here in still chilly New England, where somedays getting blood from my finger is akin to the old turnip saying.

It seems somehow appropriate that I switched over this week, right about the time CMS announced the names of the mail order contract suppliers. There were a few (very few) known names, which is an improvement over Round 1. A quick perusal of the manufacturers they carry shows that they are all offering at least one of the most popular brands, although, as one provider asked me: It's one thing to offer it, but will they stock it? That is not a question I can answer, my Mayan friend. 

I did speak with one winner today who said that he planned to be compliant with CMS rules about providing popular brand product but who also says he doesn't think that will last long for most of the companies.

It's simply unworkable, from a financial standpoint. So, while there are plenty of folks who will switch without giving it too much thought, I am sure there will be some unhappy customers, but I guess we will have to wait and see.

Theresa Flaherty
Type 1