Mini-vacation fallout? I'll take that chance


I know it seems like I was just on vacation and you'd be right. But once again, I am trying to clear (most of it anyway) my desk and my to-do list so I can take a very long Labor Day weekend. Destination: Cape Cod (again).

Although deadlines loom large, (finishing up my stories, edits to my co-editors' stories, fingers and toes and eyes crossed that I'll get in the Smart Talk columns, and a bunch of stuff from nearly a dozen different folks doing Medtrade booth profiles), I don't care.

The everlasting summer I don't think is going to last (bonus points to whoever susses out where that lyric twist came from). My calendar once I get back is booked and I'll bet yours is too.

Next weekend, I fly to Minneapolis for the annual HME News Summit. All I have to do is attend. I'd like to give kudos here to the programming (Liz) and the planners (Nicole, Heather, Julie). Unless you've organized an event, you have no idea of what goes on behind the scenes: The handholding, the crying, the gnashing of teeth.

And that's just Liz.

Then in the weeks leading up to Medtrade in October, we'll be prepping our Show Dailies and planning our Halloween costumes.

All the while, we'll be covering the news. I've been given a sneak peak at a few potential items.

So you see, while my first day back in the office next week promises to be hella awful, I gotta got get out of this place for a few days.

Let the leaves fall where they may.

Theresa Flaherty