'Mobility style that's going places'


1800wheelchair_built_by_wendy_2l1So I never thought much about how traditional jackets wouldn't work so well for wheelchairs users until Darren Ortsman at 1800wheelchair told me about the Built by Wendy wheelchair poncho. The limited edition poncho, available exclusively at 1800wheelchair, features a longer front for better leg coverage and a shorter back for better seated comfort. But it's about more than functionality. It's probably more stylish than any other wheelchair poncho you've ever seen. It was designed by Wendy Mullin, a New York City designer that's a favorite of artists and celebrities like Sofia Coppola and James Franco. It's available in khaki or navy cotton linen and features a plaid liner.

Liz Beaulieu


Thanks for the note.

We put this out there this hoping everyone would like it. The reception has been great. Wendy did a great job, we're so pleased to have had this chance to work with the Built By Wendy team.