Money can’t buy love, but can it buy like?


Want to know how to make friends and influence people? Or at least get them to interact with you on social media?

How about giving them free stuff? 

That’s certainly worked for U.S. Medical Supplies. Check out our February issue to read about their $5,000 scholarship. Part of applying for the scholarship was to follow the provider on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. 

Well, a quick jaunt over to U.S. Medical’s Facebook page shows dozens of young people who plan to join the medical industry posting comments, asking questions and interacting with each other. These are future referral sources, either through their future work or through family member recommendations. 

The scholarship has earned U.S. Medical Supplies more than 15,650 Facebook fans. 

But shelling out five grand isn’t your only option to build up your online presence. 

Facebook powerhouse Alpine Home Medical recently held a lift chair contest. 

Howard’s Medical Supply gave out free tubing blankets for “liking” the provider’s Facebook page. 

With competitive bidding breathing down the industry’s neck, extensive audit recoupments and reduced reimbursements from many payers, spending a bit more to help get those cash customers to “like” you might just be worth it. 

There’s nothing like brand loyalty, and companies in every line of business fight for it constantly. 

A lot of you guys tell me if you can work with a customer, your commitment to service will earn that loyalty and keep them coming back. Could collecting “likes” and building name recognition help you get them in the door in the first place?

Couldn’t hurt.