Most people want to die at home


The Car move New York Times writer Timothy Egan makes a persuasive case for home care in his Sept. 23 blog, “The Way We Die Now.” After reading this, it’s more clear than ever to me that lawmakers and bureaucrats in Washington are doing our seniors —and our country—a terrible disservice. Egan doesn't address home care directly, but the connection is obvious.

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With his mother’s death in 2005, Kitzhaber lived the absurdities of the present system. Medicare would pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for endless hospital procedures and tests but would not pay $18 an hour for a non-hospice care giver to come into Annabel’s home and help her through her final days.

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“The fundamental problem is that one percent of the population accounts for 35 percent of health care spending,” he said. “So the big question is not how we pay for health care, but what are we buying.”

He is not, he says, in favor of pulling the plug on granny. The culture of life should be paramount, he says, following the oath he took as a doctor. But Oregon, years ahead of the rest of the country, has talked and talked and talked about this taboo topic, and they’ve voted on it as well, in several forms. They found — in line with national studies — that most people want to die at home. The Medallion film

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— Mike Moran