The most wonderfully dangerous time of the year


We all know eating healthy is a key part of avoiding HME-requiring conditions like sleep apnea. Most of the year, it's challenging but not terrible. But now it's that time of year again...the time of communal office goodies.

First came the Milky Ways, then the Twix bars, then more and more chocolate as coworkers drop off unwanted Halloween candy. I managed to resist, but it took printing to a different printer for a week or so to save myself from temptation. 

That was just the tip of the iceberg, though. Today there was some kind of popcorn with chocolate and nuts. It’s hard to resist popcorn. It’s mostly just air and it used to be a vegetable. I’ve survived Day 1 by trying hard not to look too closely at it. 

Pretty soon there will be brownies and cookies and fancy chocolates…we’re heading for dangerous times, my friend. 

I’ve been trying to look for healthier recipes to help me survive the season, but the secret for most people seems to be Splenda and/or sugar free pudding. Hmm.

I did find these peanut butter cookies. They’ve been “healthified.”

And I may have spotted the white whale on Pinterest the other day: a pecan pie recipe from Cooking Light. It still has a cup of corn syrup. There's not much you can do to "healthify" pecan pie, alas.

I'll keep looking for recipes and keep trying not to look at the communal goodies...But I think, in the end, I’m just going to give in and eat a cookie or two, and maybe take up snowshoeing.