Move over CMS, as HME makes way for CMR


ICYMI, there’s a new acronym in town. It is CMR, as in, CMR spearheaded a letter pressuring the OMB to release the IFR. ASAP.

Also as in, CMR is circulating draft language seeking to provide some rural relief from the NCB program and address the double dip in 02 reimbursement.

Yes, CMR is short for Cathy McMorris Rodgers and it’s how the stakeholder folks referred to her in several calls I had with them recently.

To confirm I wasn't imagining this, I hollered over the wall to Editor Liz: “Hey Liz, did you know the HME industry has a new acronym?” To which she responded: “Is it CMR?”

Editor Liz (no name shortening needed) also talks to the stakeholder types.

Fortunately, the mood was largely positive in discussing what the newly crowned HME champion is looking to do, especially in the wake of (OMG!) Tom Price’s resignation. They are looking to move forward and not mourn what might have been.

TBH, I am a little jealous I can’t just use CMR when I reference McMorris Rodgers in writing. It’s much more streamlined than McMorris Rodgers.

I’ll be interested in the mood from HMEs at Medtrade next week, to see if that optimism is trickling down to the rank and file. IME, it’s the glass is half full for half the providers, half empty for the other half.

We’ll be reporting live from the show and for those of you attending, I’ll see you in the ATL!