My pharmacist has me confused with a little old lady


I write a lot about my independent pharmacy readers, and I think they provide a vital service to their communities, but I have a confession to make.

I use CVS.

No particular reason for that, except that is the only pharmacy near my house and I have used it forever. Perhaps on some level, I also feel that if I were traveling and suddenly needed a prescription, it might be easier.

But then again, maybe it wouldn't. Yesterday, I picked up one of my regular prescriptions. I had dropped off this year's new ones to be put on file. Somewhere along the way, my insurance info got mangled and the charge didnt' go through the payer. I didn't notice right away because for this particular script, I always pay out of pocket, but still, it should have been billed through insurance.

Fearing there was a problem with my insurance, I called this morning and got a rather unhelpful, uninformed pharmacy tech. Apparently, my Part D coverage had some sort of issue. Not being anywhere near Medicare-age I said that wasn't surprising. (Don't they have my birth date on file??). For some reason they couldn't even pull my insurance info up in their computer, though I have had the same plan for four years.

Anyhow, I have to drag myself back in there with my insurance info for them to fix it.

This isn't the first time recently I have run into an issue with CVS. I shouldn't complain, because so many people, for a variety of reasons have no access whatsoever. I just wonder, would this have happened had I used an independent?? One where everybody knows my name?

And to top it all off, CVS also lost my preference for a non-child proof cap. Even if it hadn't already been near 90 degrees last night, I would have worked up a sweat trying to open the damn bottle.

Theresa Flaherty