National CRT Week is here


Are you ready for National CRT Week?

As of Aug. 19, the complex rehab community should be speaking to their representatives at their hometown offices, state fairs, town hall meetings, grocery store aisles—whatever it takes to get the word out about the complex rehab separate benefit bills. 

I just got off the phone with Seth Johnson, vice president of government affairs at Pride Mobility Products. He has big plans for congressional visits next week, and he’s bringing Exhibit A: The equipment itself. 

“We want to show them what complex rehab is, let them see and touch and sit in the products,” he told me. 

Johnson will bring an ATP to the meetings with lawmakers, and the pair will explain the difference between complex rehab and traditional HME—and let lawmakers try out the equipment. 

“Will they get to try a sip-n-puff?” I asked Seth. 

“Well, maybe a head array,” he said. 

Apparently, to work correctly, the sip-n-puff apparatus is a lot of work to properly fit to the person using it…you know, because it’s complex rehab. Oops. 

Still, Seth says showcasing the different complex rehab equipment—like the sip-n-puff—is key to establishing the need for a separate benefit. That was a main goal of the briefing last month, and stakeholders there were successful enough to bump cosponsors of H.R. 942 to 65. 

The goal this week: Add more representatives to that number, and bring senators on board to S. 948, which currently has three cosponsors. 

Want to follow Seth’s example? Have your lawmaker out to your location and give them a hands-on demonstration of CRT equipment—or bring a consumer with you to chat up your lawmaker. Make sure to let NCART know what you’re up to this week, and feel free to comment below or tweet at me to let me know too!