New competition in the NPWT market?


Could this be competition for the negative pressure folks? An MIT doctoral student has invented a hand-powered suction healing system.

The kicker here: It costs about $3, a far cry from the $3,604 providers pay for new pumps.

According to an article in Fast Company Magazine:

The device, which has been field-tested in Haiti, is composed of an airtight wound dressing, connected by a plastic tube to a cylinder with accordion-like folds. Squeezing it creates the suction, which lasts as long as there's no air leak. What's more, where regular dressings need to be replaced up to three times a day--a painful ordeal--the new cuff can be left on for several days.

I realize I am comparing apples to oranges here folks, but still, you gotta admit, it's an interesting concept, not to mention an improvement over the leech treatments of yore.

Theresa Flaherty