Next year, I am going with the tats


It seems somehow appropriate that Diabetes Awareness Month kicks off after the sugar high that is Halloween. And just for the record, I did give out candy this year (M&Ms and Smarties) along with fake tattoos. I am pleased to say the tattoos went the fastest.

Why is it that every year, I struggle with what to hand out on Halloween? I certainly don't begrudge little kids (or big "kids" either), from enjoying sweet treats every now and again. But they just get soooo much. Why should I contribute to the national ill health and cavities when I so strongly believe in sensibility and moderation? Somebody's gotta take a stand, after all. Besides, sugar is just toxic.

Next year, I am just going to hand out what I want to, rather than buckle to the norm. I mean it this time.

At any rate, expect to see me blogging  and tweeting more than usual about diabetes, along with criticisms of some damn disgusting food offerings I've come across lately (really? Frozen pizza and cookies in a box?).

Theresa Flaherty
Type 1, 12 years



My oldest son was diagnosed as a Type 1 just prior to his 19th birthday. He will turn 23 on the 17th of this month. I am all too aware of the concerns related to such a diagnosis. I appreaciate all efforts to raise awareness and find a cure. I look forwad to reading your blogs.

Denise Fletcher