Nice work if you can get it


I've been making some calls this morning to folks to discuss the ongoing audit onslaught. You know, the ZPICs, CERTs, RACs, etc that seek to prevent overpayments or fraud and abuse or whatever spin you'd care to put on it.

In the local (Maine) news this week, there is great excitement over a $1.3 million check to help the state reduce its food stamp errors. That's right. Their error rate in assessing and reassessing eligibility is too high. Mind you, the food stamp program falls under the umbrella of the Dept. of Health and Human Services, the very same bureaucracy  that regularly gets behind in Medicaid payments to providers.

But I digress. My point is that this department is making so many mistakes that the feds want to pay them to stop screwing up.

Meanwhile, many providers are either throwing in the towel or, in some cases, spending their precious time and money fighting back against audits. Some are in complete compliance with Medicare requirements, others have innocently made a clerical error or misinterpreted the requirements, and that's easy to do when even the auditors don't know what's what.

Imagine if someone were to hand you a million bucks and say "you seem to need help, let us throw money at you."

Nice work if you can get it.

Theresa Flaherty



1. That $1.3 million could buy a lot of food for people in need.
2. Does anyone believe the bureaucrats will use that money effectively?

It's enough to make you cry.

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