No rest for rehab


The Senate stalled on its health care reform bill this week and it doesn't look like the House will make much progress before breaking for the August recess. While that may disappoint President Obama, it's a spot of good news for the rehab industry.
"This give providers more time to educate lawmakers on the impact of the elimination of the first month purchase option for power wheelchairs," said Pride Mobility's Seth Johnson. "When you look at the impact—there is a loss of jobs, loss of beneficiary access and ultimately, a loss to the economy."
Providers have their work cut out for them. A CNN story early in the week slammed the industry on Medicare reimbursement. Still, Johnson, who met with several Senate Finance Committee members this week said the industry's message is getting through to lawmakers.
"They have heard loud and clear from providers, manufacturers and consumers that there is a lot of concern with the elimination of the first month purchase option," he said.
Theresa Flaherty