Nominate your celebrity spokesperson here


When I logged into WordPress this afternoon to post a new blog, I got all excited to see I had a "comment pending." Alas, it was merely spam inviting me to nominate a celebrity spokesperson.

Hmm, there's an idea. A celebrity spokesperson for the HME industry. Activia yogurt has Jamie Lee Curtis, why shouldn't the HME industry have a familiar face touting its virtues? Just think: We have all heard various politicians (Obama, anyone) discuss how home care helped various loved ones stay at home.

And isn't that the message we (well, you, the providers) need to be hammering home?

So who should it be? I am open to suggestions.

Theresa Flaherty



Invacare had Arnold Palmer. Is that the closest the industry has come to a celebrity spokesman?

Michael J fox.
Just a thought

Pride Mobility had Ed McMahon for a number of years, Evel Knievel and Annette Funicello.

Quantum Rehab has Bryan Anderson who, in his own right, is a celebrity of sorts as he's been in movies and TV, as well as Mark Smith who is among the most recognized disability figures in the world.

This is a very good idea! We should all look at our patient census and surely we can come up with some good celebrity candidates, hopefully some that will be popular in Washington! Tim