The not-so-new CMN for oxygen


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Despite reports to the contrary, the DME MACs for jurisdictions A and B have not issued a new certificate of medical necessity (CMN) for oxygen.

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“The purpose of the article was not to talk about a new CMN document, but to talk about some of the scenarios that have come up due to the 36-month cap and how they apply in the CMN world,” said Dr. Robert Hughes, the medical director for the two jurisdictions.

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The Feb. 18 article details the four situations in which a new 36-month rental period can begin and for which a new initial CMN is required: initiating use of home oxygen; resuming use after a break in medical necessity of at least 60 days; replacing equipment after a patient reaches the five year reasonable useful lifetime; and replacing equipment due to damage, theft or loss.

For the first and second situations, the requirements for the initial, recertification and revised CMNs remain the same. For the third and fourth situations, however, there are some changes.

AAHomecare has posted the article on its Web site.

Liz Beaulieu