Notes from the Mississppi


I took copious notes during today’s HME News Business Summit. Longhand. And, if you’ve ever had the misfortune to try and decipher my chicken scratches you have an idea how painful it is for me to do a write-up after the fact.

But, after tonight’s fabulous Mississippi river cruise, I decided to rethink tonight’s blog. Instead of rehashing a bunch of relevant points and clever soundbites, I want to share why I come to industry events.

On the boat tonight, I met David Hosemann from Mississippi. David, for those of you who haven’t met him, is a provider who’s been at it since 1981. I talk to him a handful of times a year, sometimes just to chat, more often to get his two cents on a particular issue. He’s been around long enough to have an opinion on, well, pretty much anything.

The first thing David did was apologize for not returning my recent call, although he’s sure he still has the message slip on his desk (I told him to toss it, I’d catch him next time).

He just doesn’t’ always have time, until maybe Saturday or Sunday evening to catch up on stuff like phone calls, probably like most providers.And unless you're calling to cancel competitive bidding, I ain't answering the phone at that point.

“Don’t give up on me, Theresa. I get your messages,” he told me.

I love hearing from providers what they like or even don’t like about HME News. I like putting a face to the name. That’s why I travel. It’s not the education, it’s not to see the latest products, it’s to chat face to face with our readers.

This was David’s first HME Business summit (he hopes to take away some ideas for timesavers from this year’s event) and I daresay he’ll be at next year’s Summit in Nashville (he can drive to that one).

From year to year, we never know what to expect, but in the face of the trying changes that face the HME industry, it’s good to know people still care and are still making the effort to learn and thrive.