Office space


As I edit the pages of the forthcoming April edition of HME News, I come across interesting tidbits. Take, for example, the Richard Barnes commentary on employee engagement.

Did you know that, according to a Gallup Poll, only 29% of employees are fully engaged in their work? And that 54% have mentally checked out (Hey you with the computer solitaire, we see you). Our fave stat here at HME News world HQ (which we share with a few other folks on a sister publication) was this one: 17% of employees are actively disengaged AND sabotaging the efforts of coworkers. With about 22 folks here in the office we estimate that four of us at any given time are saboteurs (smart money's on the new-ish guy).

As Round 2 continues to wreak havoc throughout the industry, I would imagine some of these numbers will rise among HME employees. After all, it's tough to work in an environment where folks are losing jobs, pay is being reduced and uncertainy is the only certainty.

For those employees left standing, here's a few signs that they are actively engaged: they are 26% more productive, twice as likely to be top performers, and miss 20% fewer days of work. Simply put, if you "bring it" to work and don't play hooky on a regular basis, your coworkers probably won't be giving you the fishy eyeball wondering if you are out to get them.

The commentary also says that constant complaining about the company is a bad sign, but I don't know. Isn't that just cubicle nature?