OIG report: Not the first, nor the last


Since all the buzz in the wheelchair market these days is the recent OIG report, I thought it would be interesting to put together a rundown of recent OIG reports on power wheelchairs and another on the way:

October 2007: The OIG investigates how Medicare pricing for power mobility devices stacks up against Internet pricing (Read our story here).

September 2009: The OIG investigates supplier acquisition costs and services for power wheelchairs (Read our story here).

December 2009: The OIG investigates documentation error rates for power wheelchairs (Read our story here).

Up next: The OIG investigates the appropriateness of power wheelchair claims. “In addition to determining whether beneficiary medical records supported the medical necessity of the power wheelchair, OIG will determine whether documentation from the suppliers and prescribing physicians was consistent,” the December report stated.

Industry reaction: It’s one thing to review whether appropriate pieces of documentation were submitted or not; it’s another thing to review the medical records of physicians.

“Who at the OIG will determine medical necessity?” asked Don Clayback, executive director of NCART. “Will they have a medical background?”

Liz Beaulieu