Open wide


If you want a visual reminder of how frustrating it is to be a rehab provider these days, check out the cover of the summer issue of Directions magazine published by NRRTS.

The cover story, "Medicaid Madness," details NRRTS's decision to form a Medicaid Committee to "draw all the individual state Medicaid issues out into the open." The committee needs at least one NRRTS registrant and friend of NRRTS (FON) from each state to submit monthly reports, so the organization can aggregrate information and identify common themes.

Michelle Jackson-McMahan, NRRTS review chairwoman and president/CEO of Frontier Access & Mobility in Cheyenne, Wyo., will lead the committee. Contact her at to volunteer.

NRRTS believes: "If Medicare doesn't destroy complex rehab, Medicaid will."

Liz Beaulieu

P.S. Isn't this an initiative that NCART supposedly took on back in 2005?