Out of the office, but not out of my mind


The MED Group's Kelly Riley wanted me to give her a call next week so she could bend my ear a bit on CPAP audits in region C.

As juicy as that sounds, I am going to be on vacation and really don't want to think about CPAP machines. (Note: I am staying with my parents who, at times, seem as though they are taking turns to see who can snore the loudest, so sleep apnea won't be completely out of mind).

I also don't want to think about home medical equipment while I sit on the beach overlooking Cape Cod Bay with a stack of fun reading material (I'll be leaving my copy of HME News in the office).

But of course, HME is everywhere. I'm sure I'll see it in the restaurants I eat in, during shopping excursions and anywhere else I go next week (a shout out here to Cape Medical Supply, which is probably responsible for the majority of HME I'll see next week).

But, I guess that's the point of HME isn't it? It's everywhere to make life more accessible for people and I hope while Congress is on recess, they too, will take note of how important HME is to many of their constituents.

Theresa Flaherty


Have fun on your vacation. TM