Erika Bogan of North Carolina was crowned Ms. Wheelchair America 2010 last week. Bogan, from Huntsville, is working on a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She began using a wheelchair in 2002 after an automobile accident. The runners-up were: Kimberly Yeoman of Utah (fourth runner-up); Amber Marcy of Michigan (third runner-up); Alyson Roth of California (second runner-up); and Jannette Saxton of Washington state (first runner-up). Bogan succeeds Michelle Colvard of Texas, Ms. Wheelchair American 2009.

Wait a minute: A while back, I posted a blog about Kate Matelan of Pennsylvania being crowned Ms. Wheelchair USA 2010.

Ms. Wheelchair America

Ms. Wheelchair USA

Shouldn't these programs join forces?

Liz Beaulieu


Hi- I am the State Coordinator of the Ms. Wheelchair Washington Pageant and I am so proud that Jannette Saxton (correct spelling) won 1st Runner up in the Ms. Wheelchair America pageant. Go Washington state!!! The Ms. Wheelchair America pageant has been around since 1972. I think there should only be one pageant. I think Ms. Wheelchair USA has only been around for a few years. Not sure why it was started when there was already an established program, but the is a Ms America, and a Ms. USA, so why are there two of those? Although as a State Coordinator and past Ms. Wheelchair Washington 2006, if anything should ever fall apart for either program, at least there is more than one. Although, it would be nice to only see one program because, the Ms. Wheelchair America Pageant doesn't have all states- the usual number of states that have program is usually between 25 to 30, so one day I hope in stead of two we can have ONE pageant, to include as many states as we can.

Tammy Wilber
Ms. Wheelchair WA State Coordinator for Ms. Wheelchair America Pageant

I believe that the answer to why there are two pageants can be found here: