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Parade Magazine published its annual report on "What People Earn" this weekend. One of the people featured on the cover of the magazine is Jimmy Jamie, a home health care CEO in Charleston, West Va. His salary: a whopping $2.2 million (He's near Britney Spears, who took in $2.25 million last year!).

A quick Google search leads you to a story

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in the Charleston Gazette about Jamie being featured in Parade. The story says he's a former tennis pro who now heads up Golden Heart, an "in-home, health-care company" owned by his family. He's pictured with his Mercedes.

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Zoom The story also mentions that Jamie's father, Dr. Shahrooz Jamie,  was ordered in January to pay $180,000 in damages and $94,000 in interest to Mountain State Blue Cross Blue Shield for allegedly billing the insurer for blood tests and allergy injections he never provided to patients. Dr. Jamie plans to appeal the ruling.

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