Pirates, drug traffickers and DME


Did you know that the FBI publishes a weekly Top 10 FBI News Stories? Neither did I. Until I googled "durable medical equipment" this afternoon.

There, alongside stories about drug traffickers, a guy who transferred money that helped fund the attempted car bombing in Times Square, and a ransom negotiator for Somali pirates, was the headline: "Four convicted in $4.7 million Louisiana Medicare Fraud Scheme."

Yup. It was an alleged DME owner. Nnanta Ngari owned Unique Medical Solution in the Baton Rouge area. I say alleged because I am guessing he's only ever been a thief, not an actual DME provider. From 2003 to 2009 (six years! where are the gatekeepers? sleeping? reading policy?), Ngari and friends submitted $4.7 milion in claims for power wheelchairs; Medicare generously paid Ngari $2.5 million for said claims.

If you want the details, read 'em here.

Why, oh why, is it so difficult to catch these claims? It's time to close the barn door, folks.

Theresa Flaherty



Maybe they have friends on the inside...