Pizza? Sure! As a veggie? Please Congress, just say no.


Do I need to weigh in on this whole pizza as vegetable thing? OK, twist my arm.

If the argument is that school budgets can't handle real foods, I'm not buying it.

I doubt I pay that much more for my groceries than people who buy frozen boxes of processed food, pizza or otherwise. At any rate, we all pay when people don't take care of themselves, or in this case, their children.

If the argument is that the government shouldn't be dictating what kids eat, well that doesn't work, either, since many of the kids who eat these same school lunches get some sort of subsidy. You can't have your free lunch and eat it too. (OK, that last line probably doesn't make sense but it's catchy).

If the argument is that pizza (well, the sauce) really is a vegetable, we are all in big trouble. There isn't enough sauce on a slice to even count as a serving, and pizza sauce is so loaded with sugar (which, let me remind you has no nutritional value whatsoever) that it effectively negates itself.

Don't get me wrong. I love pizza. And french fries (not with the pizza, though). I think they are OK to eat. Once in a while. Not as a diet staples. I think if dipping broccoli into cheez whiz gets kids to eat broccoli that's OK, too. I think everything's OK, in moderation.

But I do not for a minute think pizza should count as a vegetable. What did your kid eat for lunch today? And how are her grades?

Theresa Flaherty