"Press '1' for peace of mind"


Today, I noticed I had a missed call from an Iowa area code. I wouldn't have answered anyway. Didn't recognize the number (sorry, Mom. I didn't recognize your number either, last night. Got your message. What the heck are you and Dad doing in Florida?).

With a mix of curiousity and dread I dialed voice mail.

Apparently, I qualify for a free medical alert system. All I have to do is press "1."

Yes, that's right. I remain on the AARP mailing list. My mailbox has been stuffed with all kinds of Medicare open enrollment flyers for weeks.

Did I mention the system is free and will give me peace of mind?

It kind of reminded me of those late night commercials, you know the ones that get many HME providers all riled up? It's easy to understand why. In her recent story about the downfall of The Scooter Store, Elizabeth Deprey has this quote: "When you are advertising on TV 'this will be free,' that's an invitation to be investigated."

Which reminds me: Has anyone heard what's going on with Pacific Pulmonary, RIght Healthcare or Care Medical, all Calif.-based companies that—wait my cell is ringing...

Would you believe it was another call congratulating me because I've been selected for a free medical alert system? Apparently, it's recommended by the American Diabetes Association.

And how did they get my phone number?

Back to the West Coast: Those three companies were all raided by the FBI in 2012 but since then, we haven't heard a peep. And I am looking for stories.

Theresa Flaherty