Providers, providers and more providers


I edited a batch of stories from Elizabeth, our shiny new associate editor, this morning and when I handed them back to her, I pointed out that she used the word "provider" in all of her headlines for the provider section (that's the green one, folks).

What's wrong with that, you ask? Well, we as writers need to mix it up a bit, or things look stale.

Fortunately, as we wrap the writing for our November issue, I can say that we have, indeed, mixed it up as far as content. Providers (yup) are doing their usual wide variety of things. They're opening online stores, stocking scrubs and other cash items, creating their own products and even managing to work with Medicaid on local issues to protect reimbursements–and patients.

Apparently, providers don't like things to get stale either.

Meanwhile, I'll bet Elizabeth is struggling over there in her cube to come up with all new, provider-free headlines. Check the upcoming issue to find out how she did.

Theresa Flaherty