Que pasa?


I recently (reluctantly) returned from vacationing on Vieques, a tiny island in Puerto Rico where horses roam free, on the beaches and in the twisty, winding narrow roads.

On Vieques it was easy to avoid all talk of competitive bidding, MPP or Medicare in general, mainly because internet access is so spotty, there are no local papers (and if there were, I suspect they'd be in Spanish) and I didn't travel all that way (3 airplanes and two rental cars) to watch my hosts' TV. They could have cancelled the bidding program and I wouldn't have had a clue!

While all that lack of access was welcome, I am, still, a reporter for HME News and at some point during my stay I realized what else I hadn't seen: home medical equipment ('cept for my own diabetes stuff). I saw no oxygen, no wheelchairs, no walkers, not even any canes. Is this because islanders don't need HME? Is it not readily available? Maybe those aforementioned twisty roads make it difficult to get around in a wheelchair (it was certainly difficult in our Jeep and I have the bruises to prove it). 

It's truly the first time I have gone a whole week without seeing some sort of HME. Even during my annual week in Cape Cod I have seen wheelchairs on the beach (I didn't however, get close enough to see if it sported an "I heart Cape Medical Supply" sticker). 

Where am I going with all this blather? I just wanted to post a vacay pic 

Theresa Flaherty