Random thoughts


A new group, the Committee to Save Independent HME Suppliers (CSI:HME), released the results of a survey yesterday that ranks the top concerns of providers. Restoring payments to complex rehab came in 3rd, ahead of reforming the home oxygen therapy benefit (4th). I'd be lying if I didn't say that surprised me. (For the record: Eliminating national competitive bidding came in 1st and repealing the 36-month oxygen cap came in 2nd.)

Here's a nice story about a consumer who's making beach power wheelchairs out of used parts and renting them for $40 per day.

Here's a letter to the editor that was published in The Post-Journal in Jamestown, N.Y., that calls for requiring reflectors or some other form of lighting for wheelchairs after its writer almost hit a person in a wheelchair at night.

What's up with these Miracle on Wheels ads veiled as news stories?

Liz Beaulieu


We've encountered the Miracle on Wheels bunch et alia (there are a number of variations on the name - usually a 1-800-scooter or wheelchair.com type) for a number of years. The provider sends a press release / public service announcement to newspapers all over the country announcing a new program that provides power mobility for seniors and disabled that can't afford it. The senior calls the 800 #, gives the nice young man his/her Medicare number, insurance information and docor's name (it's required for their files), the physician is strong-armed into filling out the paperwork appropriately; and the shiny new Jazzy appears miraculously at their door. Just like magic.