Report from the Abilities Expo in LA


The Abilities Expo was in LA over the weekend, and Ann Eubank, the executive director of the Users First Alliance, just provided this report to NRRTS's members through the group's listserv:

The abilities Expo in LA was very busy and Users First Alliance had a booth right next to NRRTS. UFA was set up with video capabilities and three people working the booth the entire show.

We interviewed people who use wheelchairs and asked simple questions: name, diagnosis, what does your wheelchair allow you to do, what would happen to you if you did not have your wheelchair.

The interviews were about one minute each. We collected over 50 videos. These videos will be edited and put on a DVD for every participant of CELA
to take to their representative.

Why this is powerful: UFA is a nonprofit organization with a board of
seven people of whom six use a wheelchair. The consumer who we serve must
be represented by a consumer organization. A nonprofit that represents
only the consumer's interests is powerful to the legislators.

The videos will eventually be on the UFA Facebook. We will keep in touch with you as this project grows. Please feel free contact me with any questions or concerns.


The videos will be a great addition to the consumers that will be attending CELA in person later this month.

Liz Beaulieu