Scooter Store employees find new home


One thing I’ve wondered about lately is: what happened to The Scooter Store’s employees?

I imagine the call center employees got absorbed back into the New Braunfels job market, or moved on to new towns with other opportunities. 

I know a company named IBEX Global took over The Scooter Store’s New Braunfels location. As of late last month, they’d hired 250 call center employees with plans for 600 total.

I’d heard through the grapevine that employees of The Scooter Store’s complex rehab arm, Alliance Seating and Mobility, seem to have landed other complex rehab jobs elsewhere. But what about the mobility people stationed strategically around the country to deliver The Scooter Store’s equipment?

Well, at least two have landed with another HME provider. 

“They’ve been a great asset to our business,” said LuAnn Davis, co-owner of Springfield, Ill.-based Personal Mobility. “They’re very knowledgeable about the equipment and paperwork, and they’re going to help us grow.”

One gentleman, a young father of six, was about to take a job with the phone company before joining Personal Mobility. He’s now putting his ATP skills to good use, she said. The other used to manage the local Scooter Store location and now manages Personal Mobility’s rehab department. 

Davis says the culture at Personal Mobility is different, as is the documentation process, but the basic knowledge of equipment and paperwork for both providers is the same. 

“It’s been a great fit for all of us,” said Davis. 

Now if only The Scooter Store’s patients could manage a smooth transition. Davis says patients call Medicare and hear they are all set to get repairs done by a new provider; Medicare tells Personal Mobility the 13th month hasn’t been paid on the chairs and she can’t touch them. Davis is awaiting letters from The Scooter Store stating patients own their equipment, but hasn't seen any yet. Sounds like there’s yet another wrinkle in the repair conundrum…