Scooter Store sweeps wheelchair contracts in 9 CBAs


The Scooter Store announced this morning that it has accepted contracts for standard and complex power wheelchairs in each of the nine competitive bidding areas (CBAs).

But that's not all.

The provider, which announced earlier this year that it had launched a homecare division, has also accepted contracts for hospital beds and related accessories in each of the nine CBAs. Furthermore, it has accepted contracts for oxygen supplies and equipment in four targeted CBAs: Dallas, Miami, Orlando and Riverside.

As to whether competitive bidding is good or bad for the industry, The Scooter Store seems like it's walking a tightrope. The company states that it's pleased that it won contracts and it expects them to result in "accelerated growth" for the company. But it also states that it shares the industry's concerns and those expressed recently by bidding experts.

I'm sure this will piss off a lot of providers.

But given the circumstances, what else is The Scooter Store, or any other provider for that matter, supposed to do? On the one hand, they need to act like competitive bidding is the new normal, and on the other hand, they have to fight like mad.

Liz Beaulieu


How is it that a company with multiple branch locations can occupy multiple contracts? I'm sure this methodology also contributed to drive the single payment amounts lower. For example, there is a provider in Kansas City that was awarded four CPAP contracts. This means that the same company occupies four spots. Furthermore, the same company's lowball bid price was used four times to calculate the single payment amounts. So not only did the re-bid provide the lowball bidders with the winning amounts from the first round, it also enabled lowball bidders with multiple locations to drive the single payment amounts lower and occupy more contract spots.

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