Separate benefit: I'm for it, and I'm not


I had an interesting conversation today with a provider who relies on complex rehab for 80% of his business. Here's what he said about the industry's efforts to create a separate benefit for complex rehab:

I realize that everyone has to work for themselves, but I like talking as one industry. When I needed help, the respiratory people were there; the O&P and disposables people were there. I don't like being singled out: Well, you  need more money, but everyone else doesn't need more money. It's true that our situation is a little more dire, because our margins aren't as good as some other aspects of the industry. I'm obviously for it. I just hope it doesn't affect other aspects of the industry to help us.

That's pretty insightful for a provider who, potentially, has a lot to gain from this effort becoming a reality.

Liz Beaulieu


[...] Separate benefit: I’m for it, and I’m not [...]