Shutdown's over. Now what?


America’s back in business. The Washington Post has some pretty boiled-down coverage of the results of the shutdown.

Here in Maine, something in the forefront of my mind is that Acadia National Park had to shut down during the week or so where the fall leaves are the most beautiful.

No matter the political party, I think the consensus is that the shutdown was a fiasco.

But here we are, on the other side. Now what?

Hopefully, Congress will get in gear and get some work done. The industry has quite a few initiatives they hope to push on the Hill:

• Theresa wrote about an O&P bill allowing only licensed providers to provide orthotics and prosthetics.

• Stakeholders are hoping to change part of the Affordable Care Act to allow nurse practitioners to sign off on the face-to-face paperwork and order equipment.

• Don Clayback told me at Medtrade that the bill to create a separate benefit for complex rehab needs a CBO score and more cosponsors ASAP to be able to pass this December.

• And, of course, there’s the bill to replace competitive bidding with the Market Pricing Program. With thousands of complaints pouring in to the People for Quality Care hotline, with more likely to come now that it’s time for a lot of folks to reorder diabetes supplies, I’m sure H.R. 1717 is at the top of many providers’ lists.

So good luck on the Hill, stakeholders. There’s a lot of work to do, but after this shutdown kerfuffle, I say they owe America a few favors.