Simple? Medicare?


This article came out on June 13, but I just stumbled across it this afternoon. It's about, what else, competitive bidding, and, while it doesn't slam the HME industry like many mainstream articles do, it is clear the reporter doesn't understand the issue, or the industry.

One needs only to read the first paragraph:

After 18 years in business, little has changed in the way Hall-Moore Medical Supplies processes Medicare claims. The Jacksonville-based home medical equipment dealer simply bills Medicare, and the program writes a check - with few, if any, questions asked.

Somehow, I doubt that Hall-Moore Medical or any other providers think anything to do with Medicare could be described as "simply."

As to the "no questions asked claim?" Uh, ever heard of audits? Those guys ask plenty of questions.

The article goes on to give short shrift to the problems that occurred with the Round 1 roll-out in 2008.

It gives no mention to current problems, however, and that makes me wonder...


Theresa Flaherty