A slog in the night


I woke up Sunday morning around 5 am thanks to the guys clearing the latest snowfall from the neighbors. At which point I wondered, why hasn't the CGM beeped at me all night?

Cause it needed to be charged, which doesn't take long, but since it has to stay within 5 feet of me, it was kind of a pain at that hour(old house, not a lot of conveniently placed outlets.) However, while killing the 20 minutes or so I needed to recharge, I found the logbook they gave me at the doc's office on Wednesday and which I had promptly misplaced. So, part of Sunday afternoon was spent backfilling it, with sugars, carb counts and insulin doses, as well as what I ate and when, and exercise, illness, stress and what color pajamas I wear.

Just kidding on that last one.

I can think of no greater nightmare of a patient population than those with diabetes for the HME suppliers. Cause let me tell you, I hate keeping logs (although I love having them when at an appt) and we all know what happens if Medicare wants to see those logs and they, frankly, don't exist for suppliers to collect. (I will try and be more diligent by the time I reach Medicare age, but I am making no promises, suppliers. Sorry!).

I've been talking to providers today and last week, and last month, about audits (otherwise known as "nightmare," "ridiculous" and "frickin' ridiculous") and it's clear, even without the infamous ALJ memo, that the problem is getting worse.

"I think she did that to raise a red flag," John Gallagher told me today, about the memo.

Here's hoping that, between the ALJs themselves complaining, and other provider groups up in arms, that there's strength in numbers.

Speaking of numbers, this morning's (4 am!) low of 43 only points to why I am using this CGM. Come to think of it, last Monday I also had an ungodly early low.


Theresa Flaherty