Snow my god


As winter storm Juno stretches her white arms across New England, there is a palpable sense of anticipation permeating throughout HME News headquarters: the promise of a snow day.

I’m told that the snow is supposed to start early Tuesday and last through the night into Wednesday and, with up to 2 feet of snow expected, the offices are most certainly going to be closed tomorrow.

Now, being the serious journalist that I am, I would never, ever, under any circumstances, admit publicly, that I’m looking forward to a paid day off, because I will most definitely be working a full 8 hours from home. Unless the power goes out. Or the pipes burst. Or there’s a Millionaire Matchmaker marathon on Bravo.

While I assure you all that my professional integrity is above reproach, there is only one group of people I can think of with even more professional fortitude: providers.

A few months ago, I wrote a story about a blizzard that dumped 7 feet of snow on Buffalo, N.Y. I was struck dumb by how many local providers answered the phone. I repeat: 7 feet of snow. Not only did they answer the phones, but they were ready to go into the storm if need be—or rather—if help was needed. 

That said, I'll be in my pajamas all day tomorrow if anyone needs me.