"Specialty. That's the orange page, right?"


At lunch today I was asked what topics I cover for HME News.  My main beat is, of course, specialty providers, including CPAP and sleep issues, hence my appearance at the respiratory spoke of the MED Group's Leadership conference here in Jacksonville.

"Specialty. That's the orange page, right?"

Well, yes, as a matter of fact it is the orange page (I also write for the green and blue pages, too).

That's the great thing about this event. It's designed with networking in mind. Round tables facilitate conversation just like the aforementioned. It's a big reason why providers make the trek to this event, to meet with fellow providers and learn what works and what doesn't for them. As one provider told me this afternoon, "These are the top (people) from these companies. Sitting down with them for 10 or 15 minutes and picking their brain is totally valuable."

For providers, it's also a good chance to know they are not alone (or crazy) when banging their head against the wall over trying to explain the latest CPAP LCD to physicians.

For me, its a chance to meet people in person and learn what's going on with their companies, good and bad. Like Bob O'Connor, who I featured about a year ago when Home MediService took several severely wounded Veterans hunting. This year, they did it again and also arranged a fishing trip and some other similar activities.

There's an old saying, "There's a million stories in the naked city." It's nice when people get to tell them to each other in person at an event like this and go away remembering why they stay in this business.

Theresa Flaherty